Donating Old Clothes for Absolute Prosperity in 2024

donating old clothes

Astrology guides us to make choices that align with the planets for greater harmony and prosperity. When donating old clothes and items, astrology provides insight into the best donation practices. Understanding the astrological perspectives on donating can help deepen our spirituality and improve life ahead.

Giving away old clothes and items is an act of selflessness that takes time and energy. However, astrology shows this sacrifice is worthwhile, as donations made under the bright alignments earn merit and please the planets. Ultimately, donating old clothes aligns us with cosmic forces to receive abundance in return.

Determining Auspicious Days for Donating Old Clothes

Astrologers study the kundli, the Vedic birth chart, to determine lucky days for charity engagement. Certain weekdays correlate with planets that astrologically favour donations. Additionally, alignment with the ascendant sign indicates days that will amplify the fruits of giving.

Weekday astrological correspondences

  • Sunday: Dominated by the Sun, Sunday heightens fame and leadership. Donate copper items, wheat, and red flowers.
  • Monday: Governed by the Moon, the maternal planet. Give away white items, rice, and milk.
  • Tuesday: Mars’s Day brings strength when donating old clothes of red colour or items, lentils, and honey.
  • Wednesday: Align with the intelligent planet Mercury by giving green clothes and moong daal.
  • Thursday: Generous Jupiter brings wealth and donates yellow garments, turmeric, and books.
  • Friday: Venus Day brings love. Donate perfumes, flowers, and white sweets.
  • Saturday: Saturn brings discipline and justice. Help seniors by donating black sesame seeds and oil.

Choosing Items to Donate Based on Planetary Influences

In addition to timing, Vedic astrologers recommend cloth donation items based on planets and goals.

Moon – White and Silver Items

The Moon governs emotions and the public. Donating old clothes of white or silver color and decor calms the mind and improves popularity.

Mars – Red Items

The aggressive planet Mars rules disputes. Red donations alleviate arguments with enemies and prevent injuries.

Mercury – Green Clothes

Mercury activates intelligence and communication. Green garments assist in education and mastering skills.

Jupiter – Yellow and Golden Tones

Jupiter oversees wealth and divine grace. Gold or yellow items amplify fortune and career.

Venus – Pastels, Flowers, Perfumes

For partnership luck, donate pink or pastel garments. Flowers and perfumed oils also invoke marriage predictions.

Saturn – Dark Colors

Saturn governs karma, hard lessons and longevity. Donating old clothes of darker shade can assists eldercare and activates life-lengthening forces.

Most Auspicious Cloth and Item Donations

While all donations incur good karma, Vedic astrologers emphasise certain items that amplify blessings from the heavens.


Blood contains essential life force energy. Blood donors bless communities and strengthen themselves against disease. Mars Days supports energising blood donations.


Hunger still plagues too many. Donate lentils, rice, and bread to nourish stomachs and souls. Feed others on Thursday: Jupiter’s generous day.

Sewing Supplies

Donate excess ribbons, threads, buttons, and fabrics on Friday, Venus’s creativity day, to supply creation magic for others.

Religious Items

On Thursday, donate incense, lamps, books of scripture and prayer beads to aid spiritual growth for all.

Things that should not be donated.

According to Vedic astrology, these are the things you should not give away:

Broken/Torn Items: Avoid donating torn, broken, or unusable items like garments with holes, faults, missing buttons, etc. Instead, discard or recycle them.

Old Undergarments: Astrological guidelines prohibit donating used undergarments like bras, pants, slips, etc. These are too personal.

Shoes and Chappals: Donating used shoes, sandals, and chappals, especially leather ones, is believed to impart negative energy. Instead, donate new shoes.

Utensils: Vedic astrology discourages donating old dishes, pots, and pans due to their vitality.

Specific Colours: According to Vedic colour symbolism, certain lunar days deem black, dark red, and dark blue inauspicious for donations.

Lighter tones are safer donation colours.

Thorny, broken plants: According to Vedic tradition, sick, pest-infested, or prickly succulents offer lousy luck. Healthy plants provide luck.

So, in summary, damaged, overly used, worn, or defective items fail to spread positive energy and are not considered wise donations in Vedic astrology. Seek alternate disposal for these. Stick to functional, beneficial items to donate under the correct astrological timing for optimal fortune.

Integrating Astrology’s Guidance on Donations

The planets continue to influence events on Earth and in our lives. While modern culture questions astrological truths, its principles persisted for centuries because of verifiable wisdom.

When we align with ideal donation days and items outlined in Vedic astrology, we harmonise with cosmic forces for assistance and blessings. Donating old clothes helps balance karmic scales, clearing past debts from selfishness or misdeeds.

Beyond the astrological boost, we uplift others and our communities when we mindfully give rather than discard unused belongings—our planet suffers from wasted textiles and goods. By passing usable fashions onto others, we walk more lightly on Earth.

In all these ways, heeding astrology elevates our donation impact to be more:

  • Auspicious – activating luck and destiny
  • Abundant – circulating prosperity
  • Purposeful – choosing items wisely
  • Spiritual – earning heavenly merit
  • Sustainable – reducing waste

As we search for truth on our journey through life, intuitive sciences like astrology show us important patterns and links. When we work with the natural rhythms of the universe, our deeds have higher frequencies that bring us luck and grace.

Even though we don’t fully understand the mysteries of the stars yet, the astrologers study them. They saw how our world is connected to everything else. We can receive light, renewal, and self-realization if we pay attention to whispering spiritual insight instead of passing it away as old.

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What are the benefits of donating old clothes, as per astrology?

Donating garments, according to astrology, can assist the environment, increase wealth, strengthen financial stability, and prevent health issues.

Which day should we donate old clothes?

Wednesday is associated with Lord Ganesha, removing obstacles and a sign of new beginnings. Donating on this day could be seen as seeking his blessings for a fresh start with the gifted clothes.

Is it good or bad to donate clothes?

Based on the energies of specific items, it can have both good and bad effects. Astrology advises being selective about what to donate to ensure a positive impact on both the donor and the recipient.

Do you have to wash clothes before donating?

Yes, before donating clothes, you should wash them and check them for cleanliness and stains.