Pitra Dosh: Bad Effects, Remedies, and Everything You Need to Know

Pitra dosh

Pitra or Pitru dosha, also known as the curses of forefathers, is an astrological affliction caused by the misdeeds of ancestors. This dosha can negatively impact finances, relationships, health, and overall luck. Read on to learn the symptoms, types, and most importantly – remedies for pitru dosha.

We’ve all heard of curses being passed down generations. While we may brush them off as superstitions, Vedic astrology actually lends credence to this idea in the form of pitru dosha. So what is this dosha, what are its effects, and can remedies help overcome it? Let’s find out.

What is Pitra Dosha and What Causes it?

In simple words, pitra dosha refers to a karmic debt accrued by our ancestors or forefathers. Pitra dosha can be caused by unfulfilled duties, improper death rituals, curses, or sins committed during their lifetimes.

This debt or negative energy gets passed down over generations. Someone from the lineage performs remedies to appease the deceased ancestors. As a result, the descendants have to bear the brunt in the form of pitru dosh in their horoscopes or kundlis.

How Does Pitra Dosha Manifest in a Horoscope?

Vedic astrologers can identify this dosha during the preparation of one’s janam kundali or birth chart. Certain combinations of planets with the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu in houses like the 9th, 12th or 1st can indicate pitra dosha. Afflictions to the Sun and Moon by malefic planets can alsosometimes point to curses of ancestors.

14 types of Pitra dosha

The main cause of Pitra Dosh is the improper position of the planet Rahu. The positions and aspects of malefic planets determine it. According to Hindu mythology, there are mainly 3 types of Pitru Dosha. These are Pitru Dosha due to Pitru Shrapa. There is also Pitra Dosha due to Unfulfilled Desires. Additionally, there’s Pitra Dosha due to Curses. Other types of Pitru Dosh include Pitra Dosha due to Early Death and Bad Karma. Others result from bad deeds, intentions, conduct, relationships, communication, attitude, habits, and thoughts.

What are the Symptoms and Effects of Pitra Dosha?

The effects of this dosha manifest in different spheres of the native’s life. Finances may suffer throughout life without a clear cause. Repeated investments may fail unexpectedly. Relationships both personal or professional may continuously have friction without reason. On the health front, there could be unexplained illnesses that cannot be diagnosed properly. Overall, there is persistent struggle and insufficient progress despite best efforts.

Degrees of Pitra Dosha

Like all astrological afflictions, there can be variations in the severity of this dosha:

  • Low level – causes minor struggles in only 1-2 areas of life
  • Medium level – visible troubles in multiple areas especially job, business, wealth
  • High level – extremely negative effects persisting throughout one’s life

Vedic astrologers analyze the level of this dosha. They also consider other factors like current planetary positions before suggesting suitable remedies.

Checking Pitra dosha in Horoscope

You can use a Pitra Dosha calculator to check for this Dosha in a horoscope. The calculator analyzes specific planetary combinations and their effects on an individual’s life.

If the Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Mercury, or Ketu is in the 5th house, or the 5th house lord is with malefic planets or in a malefic house, it indicates Pitru Dosha.

If you suspect this Dosha in your horoscope, consult a knowledgeable astrologer. They can provide a comprehensive analysis and appropriate remedies.

Effective Remedies and Solutions for Pitra Dosha

The good news is pitru dosha can be overcome through some certain rituals and remedies in astrology. These help appease the ancestors as well as shift their karmic burden off you. Some of the most effective remedies include:

Perform Shradh for ancestors

The shradh ritual done yearly or especially during Pitru Paksha for 15 days is dedicated to deceased ancestors. By offering food, water and praying for their souls to rest in peace, their curse slowly diminishes.

Daily offerings

Simple daily practices, like offering water, grains, or flower petals mixed with water every morning, also help reduce this dosha over time. Donating food packets, clothes and money to the needy on amavsya days brings additional merits.

Energized Pitra Dosh Nivaran Yantra

Wearing an Energized Pitra Dosh Nivaran Yantra around the neck or placing it in your home/office absorbs the negative vibrations due to dosha. It creates a protective aura and slowly balances out the karmic burden.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

A specific ritual for rahu-ketu called the kaal sarp dosh puja should be done if this dosha exists along with pitru dosh for added benefits.

Chanting Mantras

The daily chanting of MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA and SHANTI MANTRAS energizes your aura against curses while bringing you under divine grace for relief.

Consult an Astrologer for Personalized Solution

Every horoscope has unique placements, combinations, and degrees of this dosha. No general remedy will prove effective. You need to consult a learned astrologer to determine its presence and then perform customized rituals for the best outcome.

You can also do a Navagraha shanti pooja, even though it’s not directly related, it’s about the planets and how they affect your life. The Navgrah Shanti Puja is a special ceremony that aims to calm the nine planets (Navagrahas) and ask for their blessings to protect you, bring success, and fill your life with positive vibes. Check out our blog for more information on Navagraha Shanti.

With disciplined adherence to the prescribed solutions, it is indeed possible to remedy pitra dosha. Practicing compassion, spirituality, and righteousness in your own life will help end this karmic cycle for good.

To summarize key points about pitra dosha:

  • Caused due to sins/unfulfilled duties of deceased ancestors
  • Passed down to descendants until reconciled
  • Identified from Kundli through certain combinations
  • Manifests as unexplained troubles in multiple areas of life
  • Can be low, medium or high level dosha
  • Performing shradh and offerings helps diminish its effects
  • Personalized remedies prescribed after analyzing horoscope
  • Eliminating dosha takes time but is possible with discipline


Who has this dohsa?

Anyone can also suffer from Pitra Dosh, it is not limited to any specific Gender.

Can Pitra Dosha be removed?

Yes, by following the remedies you can remove the pitra dosha.

Which God is Worshiped on Pitra Dosh?

People worship various gods to mitigate the adverse effects of Pitra Dosh. Some common deities include Lord Vishnu (especially in the form of Sri Ram) and Lord Shiva.