Therapy In Hyderabad: Improving the Roots of Power

therapy in Hyderabad


Enter the world of therapy, the therapy in Hyderabad who are becoming key players in many individuals’ stories of self-discovery.therapy in Hyderabad

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy find ourselves caught in a web of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Especially for those of us navigating the complexities of adulthood in our 20s to 50s, the pressures can sometimes feel overwhelming.

But what if I told you there’s a way to untangle these threads, to really understand the roots of our struggles and grow from them?

Unpacking the Baggage: Why Therapy?


Let’s start at the beginning. Why therapy? In a society that often stigmatizes mental health conversations, deciding to see a therapist can feel like a big step. Yet, it’s a powerful move towards understanding and managing our emotions, behaviors, and life patterns. Hyderabad therapists are at the forefront of changing narratives, creating spaces where people feel safe to explore their deepest fears and highest hopes.


 Therapy in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, with its rich cultural tapestry and booming IT industry, is a city of contrasts where tradition meets modernity. This unique setting provides a backdrop where mental health professionals thrive, offering a variety of therapeutic approaches to cater to a diverse clientele. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, facing relationship issues, or simply in search of personal growth, there’s a therapist in Hyderabad ready to walk the journey with you.


Beyond “Feel-Good” Solutions: Unmasking the Hidden Landscape Within:


Many associate therapy with simply “feeling better.” While symptom relief is crucial,  therapy in Hyderabad at our practice believes in going beyond. We understand that underlying psychological factors, patterns, and limiting beliefs often fuel your struggles. We unveil the roots of your struggles for growth, helping you:

  • Explore beyond surface symptoms: Delve deeper than immediate concerns to identify the hidden drivers of your anxieties, depressions, or relationship issues.
  • Challenge limiting beliefs: Recognize and overcome negative thought patterns that hold you back from achieving your full potential.
  • Uncover past influences: Gain insight into how past experiences continue to shape your present behaviors and emotions.
  • Cultivate self-compassion: Develop self-acceptance and understanding, empowering you to manage your challenges constructively.


Dr. Shalini Mehta- possesses an impressive range of qualifications across various fields. Her academic achievements include obtaining higher degrees in both Psychology and Education. Furthermore, she is certified as both a life coach and a parenting coach. Dr. Mehta also practices as a practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She has a keen focus on tackling core issues through individual and family counseling sessions and provides consultation over the phone for prospective clients. Dr. Mehta shares her professional guidance via online platforms, making her services accessible to individuals both within India and around the world.

B. Lakshman Sharma– B. Lakshman Sharma is the founder of DAWN, an establishment dedicated to Psychiatry, Counselling, Yoga, and Personality Development. As an experienced Psychologist, he skillfully merges Indian and Western methods in his practice.

Dr. Venkateshwar Rao Deshineni– Dr. Venkateshwar Rao Deshineni is widely recognized for his exceptional skills in providing counseling and therapy to combat the variety of mental health challenges that are common in today’s era. Expatriates from the USA, Canada, and Australia particularly value his services, establishing him as a leading psychologist in his discipline. His dynamic career includes contributions as a researcher, a clinician in psychology, and an author with published works.

Dr. P. Madhurima Reddy– Dr. P. Madhurima Reddy, who holds two Doctorates in Philosophy, is a seasoned Psychologist with a wealth of experience spanning over three decades. She has attained a Ph.D., alongside degrees in M.A. in English, M.Sc. in Psychology, and M.Ed. Additionally, she is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Dr. Richa Khetawat– Dr. Richa Khetawat is a seasoned clinical psychologist with a solid 17-year background in the field. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology obtained in 2004, along with a specialized focus on the clinical psychological treatment of children and adolescents earned in 2007. Additionally, she has achieved certification in clinical psychology, highlighting her expertise and commitment to her profession.

Dr. Challa Subrahmanyam-Dr. Challa Subrahmanyam**,** a seasoned Psychologist with a rich experience spanning over 28 years, holds a Master of Science degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Further enhancing his expertise, he has attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Sexual & Reproductive Medicine along with a Certificate in the Counselling Process.


Beyond Traditional Therapy: Tools for Personal Change:


Therapy in Hyderabad employs a variety of proven techniques designed specifically for your individual requirements. The therapies we provide include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This involves recognizing and changing negative thought patterns that affect your feelings and actions.
  • Mindfulness-based therapies: These practices aim to improve self-awareness and the ability to manage emotions.
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT): This encourages the acceptance of challenging emotions while pursuing meaningful activities.
  • Schema therapy: Focuses on identifying and tackling longstanding emotional patterns that influence your interpersonal relationships and decision-making.


Growth Investment: Advantages Beyond Alleviating Symptoms:


Pursuing therapy in Hyderabad transcends mere alleviation of symptoms; it constitutes an investment in your holistic health and development. By tackling deep-seated issues, you are enabled to:

  • Forge stronger bonds: Cultivate better ways of communicating and resolving conflicts, leading to more rewarding relationships.
  • Improve job satisfaction: Discover your strengths and values, handle stress at work effectively, and fulfill your career ambitions.
  • Pursue personal development: Increase self-understanding, explore what you’re capable of, and reveal your true self.
  • Build resilience: Learn how to cope with the adversities of life with increased confidence and inner strength.


Finding the Right Fit:


Choosing therapy in Hyderabad is key to a successful journey. Consider:

  • Areas of expertise: Ensure their specialization aligns with your specific concerns.
  • Therapeutic approach: Find an approach that resonates with your preferences and personality.
  • Personality fit: Feeling comfortable and having a strong rapport is crucial for effective therapy.


Embark on Your Growth Journey with Confidence:


Therapy in Hyderabad offers a safe and supportive space for you to:

  • Explore your inner world: Delve into your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Address underlying issues: Work through past experiences and limiting beliefs.
  • Unlock your potential: Discover your strengths and unlock your true possibilities.


Embarking on the journey of therapy is a brave step towards understanding and growth. In Hyderabad, therapists are ready to guide you through unraveling the complexities of your mind and emotions. It’s a path that may have its challenges, but it’s also filled with potential for profound transformation and self-discovery.